Jean-Yves Lefort born in Brazzaville (Congo) in 1956, grew up in a romantic environnement worthy of Kipling. He spent his early childhood in a Pygmy village bathed in african nature and rhythms. In 1968, his family established itself in Guadeloupe before moving to Saint-Barthélemy. This marked the beginning of a bohemian way of life for Jean-Yves on the edge of traditional western society lifestyle. His first encounters were with artists and poets, veritable Carribean adventurers, who have remained his closest friends to this day. Fascinated by the sea, he built himself a catamaran on which he lived for several years. During his voyages, inspired by the aquatic environment surrounding him he realised that his real vocation was that of an artist. In Saint Barthélemy he became a calligrapher and serigraph and organised several

exhibitions of his works.In 2000, he left the French West Indies for a new adventure in France and currently exhibits both in art galleries in Lyon and in Saint-Barthélemy. Resolutely figurative, Jean-Yves's works are marked by his African and marine heritage. True amateur of the Blues music, his works are the expression of African sensuality and rhythm.. Fascinated by the esthetic aspect of water, Jean-Yves' paintings also capture the ephemeral instants and immortilize the fleeting moments of light reflections. Each one of his works is a testimony of his sensuality, searching for harmony and communion with the world. Personage unclassable, living on the edge of the establishment, Jean-Yves communicates sincerely and simply his passion for exotic rhythms. He currently lives in Marie-Galante.

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